James Oliverio





• CODEX Tympanos [The Movie] created by Filmmaker Steve Walker, based on imagery from "The Messenger", originally premiered by the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra in 2001. • CODEX Tympanos [LIVE]  Performance by Mark Yancich, timpanist of the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra, recorded live at Turner Studios, by Filmmaker Steve Walker, 2005.   • Non Divisi (2003) Connecting the Korean Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST) with partners in North and South American over the Internet2

• In Common: TIME (ICT) Series:  an ongoing series of internationally-distributed real time performances and collaborations bridging classrooms, continents and cultures.

The Series includes:

ICT: DRUMMA (2006)
ICT: Children of a Common Mother (2007)
ICT: Maximum Impact (2007)


• Dancing Beyond Boundaries (2001):  Considered by many to be the seminal work of intercontinentally-distributed performing arts, this piece premiered at SuperComputing Global 2001 and won the award for the "Most Creative and Courageous" use of the high-speed internet. • HANDS Across the OCEAN (2005) Winner of the inaugural Peoria Prize for Creativity for connecting artists, educators, students and performers across four continents in a globally-shared virtual environment.